November 25, 2022

Apple plans to launch a 5G MacBook next year, in line with a new “leak” from Digitimes

The report was published early Friday morning and suggests: “The top 3 manufacturers of well-known laptop brands Lenovo, HP, and Dell want to showcase their new 5G models in the future by the end of 2019, and Apple also plans to launch the 5G MacBook series in the second half of 2020, according to industry sources.

We already knew that Lenovo and the company are working on 5G laptops. Qualcomm and Lenovo unveiled this news in March at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. It is expected that laptops will work using the next version of the flagship processor Qualcomm Snapdragon, which will have a 5G modem.

Macbook 2020 joins iPhone 12 in 5G network support

The MacBook 2020 will most likely work using an Apple modem, which we have not heard of yet. Apple bought Intel’s modem business earlier this month to expand its internal components. This news followed widespread problems with the production of Intel 5G modems, which, according to previous reports, have radically postponed Apple’s iPhone development plan.

Prior to the Digitimes report, it was assumed that the purchase was designed to help Apple add 5G connectivity to its iPhone line. It is reported that the company plans to release its first iPhone 5G next year, and this means that the legendary iPhone 11 will not have this technology.

Further details about what other changes the company could have planned for its MacBook lineup remain unknown. There are constant rumors that the company plans to start manufacturing processors and replace the Intel chips traditionally used in the MacBook with Apple components.

Macbook 2020 joins iPhone 12 in 5G network support

Adding 5G support could be a key advantage for the next-generation legendary MacBooks and iPhones. 5G is the next-generation network technology that was launched in some parts of the UK earlier this year.

This technology is located next to the existing 4G infrastructure and aims to provide users with data transfer speeds of gigabits per second. This will allow users to do such things as downloading the entire series in minutes and streaming demanding triple-A games through the cloud using services such as Google Stadia.

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A source: Digitimes

Macbook 2020 joins iPhone 12 in 5G network support
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Macbook 2020 joins iPhone 12 in 5G network support
The new report, Macbook 2020 joins iPhone 12 in 5G network support. Apple plans to launch a 5G MacBook next year, in line with a new “leak” from Digitimes.
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