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LG V30 First Look and Going To Release Officially This Month “September”

Getting to know android-flagship LG V30: Will LG return to its former greatness?


Perhaps the loudest announcement of LG V30 at the exhibition IFA 2017, held in Berlin in early September, marked the company LG. A Korean producer, the day before the opening of the event, held a press conference at which he showed the new flagship of the LG V30, which became the most interesting device of the IFA 2017. Although, for the sake of fairness.

Note that, as in the case of the recent story about Samsung’s latest innovations, this mature material is not a full-fledged review, but only the first acquaintance with the new LG smartphone.

Design by LG V30

If the previous V-series smartphones externally ( LG V20, LG V10 ) differed dramatically from those of the G-series ( LG G5 SE, LG G4 ) coming out in those same years, the new LG-V30 was decided in the same style as presented in late February, the flagship LG G6.

However, the LG V30 still distinguishes from it, not only with its large dimensions and the best technical equipment. More importantly, it also turned out different from its main competitor – Samsung Galaxy Note 8, – another Korean big smartphone with thin frames.

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The case of the LG V30 is made from the standard for modern flagship materials – aluminum and glass. The metal frame is made of a smartphone LG V30, and the protective glass Gorilla Glass 5 covers the entire front and back panels.

Both the front and rear windows of LG-V30 are slightly curved at the edges and smoothly move into rounded sides. This gives the LG V30 a more attractive look, as well as better ergonomics than the LG G6.

It is interesting that despite the abundance of glass in the case, the LG V30 without consequences can suffer some falls, at least it guarantees compliance with the military standard MIL-STD 810G.

In addition, the body of the LG V30 is made protected from dust and moisture in accordance with the standard IP68, as befits a modern flagship smartphone.

LG V30 First Look, Specs, Price and Characteristics

The LG-V30 has lost the distinctive feature of its predecessors – an additional display, but now the main six-inch display occupies most of the front panel – more than 81% of its surface. Thanks to the thin display frame, the dimensions of the LG V30 correspond to the dimensions of the average 5.5-inch smartphone.

Above the display is a front camera, an ambient light sensor, a notification LED and a talking speaker.

On the back panel, LG V30 flaunts a dual camera, and below is a fingerprint scanner. This arrangement is more practical than that of Samsung’s flagship and looks good.

By the way, the LG-V30 scanner is combined with the on / off button. This in turn at the first contact with the device plunges into some stupor, because this button in android-smartphones does not expect to find on the back side of the case, and from the habit of looking at the side faces.

On the top edge of LG-V30 is located only 3.5 mm audio jack. In turn, the lower edge became the location of the USB Type-C port, as well as the slits of the speaker and the tiny hole of the microphone.

On the right side of the LG V30 case is located only the SIM card tray and memory card. And on the opposite side are the volume control buttons.

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