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LG G7 May Be The Most Failed Flagship in 2018, Why?

There are many rumors about LG G7 flagship for 2018, but one of them is most important!

According to the latest rumors, the LG G7 may be the most failed flagship in 2018 – why? Watch the full video content or and read read full article, you will exactly understand.

It’s no secret that LG has been releasing two flagship smartphones a year in the past, one of which is shown in the first half, and the second in the second. This year, these were LG G6 and LG V30, both of which belong to the class of the best mobile devices on the market, especially since they are equipped not only with the most powerful processors and frameless screens, but also with excellent dual main cameras that allow you to use optical zoom and do portrait photos with a background blur effect. Although this year the case for LG and went into the year, the smartphone LG G7 may be the most flop floppy in 2018.

LG G7 May Be The Most Failed Flagship in 2018, Why?

Today it became known that LG registered in Europe the trademarks LG PROMAX Processor and LG EPIK Processor. Obviously, the South Korean corporation intends to release its own processors, which, according to Intel, will be manufactured using 10-nm process technology, as well as the best solutions from Qualcomm, Apple, Huawei and Samsung next year.

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Obviously, once the registration of trademarks has begun already, the South Korean corporation intends to install its own processor in the flagship LG G7, which will be shown to the public, most likely, within the framework of the exhibition MWC 2018 at the end of February next year. Using a proprietary chipset can make the novelty the most failed flagship of the next year.

LG G7 May Be The Most Failed Flagship in 2018, Why?

In 2014, LG introduced the world its own branded processor NUCLUN, for the development and production of which it spent an enormous amount of time and money. Nevertheless, the only smartphone that was released on the basis of this chipset failed in sales – it was not bought at all, but all because of an extremely unsuccessful processor that could not compete with analogues from other brands, because it was worse several times.

Obviously, there is a high probability that a South Korean corporation with a top-level brand processor will do something wrong again, and this will make the LG G7 the most failed flagship in 2018, since the heart of any smartphone with the most advanced technical equipment is the processor, and if it’s bad, then the entire mobile device will be bad. It remains to be believed that LG will do everything to ensure that its new chipset was no worse than solutions from competitors.

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