December 1, 2022

As everyone probably knows, in September this year, Apple will hold its next annual presentation in the United States, which will show top-level mobile devices such as the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. All of them will differ from each other in size, characteristics and some other aspects.

Even despite the fact that before the upcoming presentation of these flagships based on iOS 14 there are still more than six months left, we already know how they can please absolutely everyone who wants to make their purchase. As expected, the “apple” corporation has saved all the best for its top-level phones, that is, only models with the Pro prefix will be truly extremely advanced in all respects.

The New Stunning "iPhone 12" Shocked Everyone!!!

A well-known industry analyst at UBS Timothy Arcuri announced that he had learned a lot of details about how the “apple” corporation is going to please all its fans this fall. So, according to him, the brand will release a 6.1-inch iPhone 12, but this will only have a dual main camera and only 4 GB of RAM.

The iPhone 12 Pro model will receive a triple camera and an additional quadruple ToF sensor for measuring the level of depth, and this configuration will also receive 6 GB of RAM. Exactly the same technical equipment can be found in the model iPhone 12 Pro Max. All of these phones are said to receive USB Type-C, and the company will finally forever abandon the use of Lightning.

In addition, it is alleged that in the current 2020 Apple is going to introduce a 5.4-inch iPhone 9 with a dual-camera and 4 GB of RAM, which in size will be a copy of the iPhone 8. When exactly the announcement of this phone will take place is still unknown.

If the brand actually announces and releases four phones at once during this year, buyers will have a difficult choice, because they will have to decide which phone to buy, and it can be very difficult for many to decide. The classic iPhone 12 will cost $ 1,000, while other modifications with the Pro prefix will be significantly more expensive, and the iPhone 9, on the contrary, will be cheaper.

The New Stunning "iPhone 12" Shocked Everyone!!!

Unfortunately, it is still unknown when exactly the presentation of all these phones will take place because there is no data on this subject. However, it is understandable, because now it’s only the beginning of 2020, which means Apple is still very actively creating its new mobile devices, some of which should also receive support for 5G networks at high speed.

In any case, no matter the circumstances, the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max will be more attractive than any other smartphones of the company, because they will receive not only 6 GB of RAM, so they can work with a large number of applications, but also can boast of a ToF-sensor, due to which the quality of photos and recorded videos can be an order of magnitude higher.

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iPhone 12 Pro: important advantage makes it better than other phones
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iPhone 12 Pro: important advantage makes it better than other phones
New iPhone 12 Pro has an important advantage that makes it better than other Apple smartphones. Apple will hold its next annual presentation in the United States.
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