September 16, 2021

New details of the three “iPhone 11” by Apple this year are leaked

This year Apple will re-launch three iPhone models that will succeed in the current iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. We already know a lot about these new models but now since 9to5mac they have had access to very interesting new information about the new iPhone 11.

The name they have used is just that, iPhone 11, and not iPhone XI, although the nomenclature that Apple will use this year is not yet clear.

iPhone 11: will have three models this year, new details leaked

Details of the three new iPhone models

9to5mac has shown more details about the three new iPhone that Apple is going to launch this 2019, all will have the new A13 processor and will maintain the Lightning connector, so for now, the USB-C connection will have to wait.

The successors of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have code names D42 and D43 and will have OLED screens with the same resolution as the current models. The iPhone 11R is codenamed N104 and will opt for a Liquid Retina display like the current iPhone XR.

‘iPhone 11’ Taptic Engine

The new models will mean the end of 3D Touch technology that will be replaced by a new haptic engine. iOS 13 has already laid the foundations for the end of 3D Touch by bringing context menus to devices such as the iPad by a long press.

iPhone 11: will have three models this year, new details leaked

The new iPhone 11 will use a new Taptic Engine that will improve the Haptic Touch technology of devices such as the iPhone XR. Apple hopes that this technology does not alter users who are accustomed to using 3D Touch.

New cameras

The new information confirms the arrival of the three cameras contained within a square projection. The sources consulted to ensure that they will look very similar to the renders we have already seen. The third of the cameras will be able to capture a wide-angle image, as previously rumored.

This new wide-angle camera of the ‘iPhone 11’ will include a function called “ Smart Frame”, or Smart Frame, that captures the area around the photo, both in images and videos, so that the user “can adjust the frame or perform perspective corrections. ” In addition, the front camera of the ‘iPhone 11’ will also be updated and will have support for slow-motion video at 120 fps.

Will the iPhone 11 copy the Samsung Galaxy Note feature?

This new information delves deeper into aspects that we already knew and reveals new details about the third camera that will reach the new iPhone 11. That new mode ” Smart Frame ” aims to be the new “Portrait mode” and again demonstrates that Apple alone It includes hardware news when you really find a new function useful for users.

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A source: Weibo

iPhone 11: will have three models this year, new details leaks
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iPhone 11: will have three models this year, new details leaks
iPhone 11: will have three models this year, new details leaked. New details of the three Apple iPhone 11 amazing models this year.
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