December 1, 2022

Although Microsoft has become widely known around the world primarily because of its software for various electronic devices, it also makes a big bet on all sorts of gadgets it creates on its own. The most advanced among these are becoming part of the Surface line, and it includes laptops, all-in-one PCs and tablets.

IPad Pro Killer: Microsoft Surface Folding Tablet on Windows 10

The latter will soon be more, as the development of a new tablet computer with two screens and a folding case has been completed. The novelty will surely quickly become popular among buyers.

The Verge reported that as early as the first half of 2020, the official presentation of the Microsoft Surface tablet, which has a folding case and two screens at once, will take place. based modular kernel windows core.

In practice, this means higher operating speed, lower power consumption and a lot of other benefits. Information on a tablet computer can be displayed both on one screen and on two at once because there will not be any frames between them.

Each of the screens has a 9-inch diagonal, and the aspect ratio is at the level of 4: 3. In practice, this means that when unfolded, the screen will be slightly square. This form has its pros and cons.

IPad Pro Killer: Microsoft Surface Folding Tablet on Windows 10

It is reliably known that when creating a Tablet computer Surface with a flexible screen and a folding case, the manufacturing company, that is, Microsoft, went for a trick. She decided to add native support for any Android application and games to the Windows Core kernel. Due to this, all buyers of its new tablet will be able to download and use such without any difficulties.

The hardware basis of the novelty will be a 6-core Intel processor manufactured according to the 10-nm process technology. The new generation tablet will have built-in modems for work on 4G and 5G networks, which will definitely please everyone who is going to use the new Surface tablet, for example, in public transport.

Due to the compact size, advanced operating system and stylus, which can be purchased separately, the new product will become a real “killer” iPad Pro. The question is only open with the price because this will almost certainly exceed $ 2,000.

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