September 29, 2022

Intel is preparing a foldable unit with a stylus pen and three displays. It is a very large screen product with Windows operating system.

Most folder manufacturers chose the Android operating system. Microsoft, however, said it is developing a foldable device that supports the Windows operating system. Over the last few years, rumors have been circulating that Microsoft is known to develop dual-screen surface PCs (codenamed Centaurs) and pocket PCs (codenamed Andromeda).

Intel Folder Foldable Tablet surfaced on the network with features
image source = Let’s Digital

To develop a foldable Windows PC, Microsoft is likely to partner with Intel, a chipset maker in the United States. The two companies have been working closely together for years. Intel introduced its Foldable smartphone, Computex 2018, and a laptop-type foldable device known as the Tiger Rapids project. The two prototypes are equipped with two independent displays and have a folding device similar to the ZTE Axon M.

The next product is likely to consist of three displays instead of two. This allows you to make larger screens. Some manufacturers have already filed for Foldable patents such as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, but manufacturers such as IBM and Intel are also in the mood.

Letsgo Digital confirmed Intel’s patent. The patent description includes a description of a folder button that expands into a large tablet with three screens. By visually reinforcing this patented design, Letsgo Digital created a variety of 3D renderings.

Intel folding smartphone tablet

In mid-2017, the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO accepted Intel’s patent application for electronic devices with foldable display panels. The most visible part of Intel’s design patents, which include many images and abstract descriptions, are the various applications of the device.

Intel Folder Foldable Tablet surfaced on the network with features
image source = Let’s Digital

When the device is fully folded it looks like a smartphone with one hand. There is a camera, and both the sensor and the receiver are placed under the display. The device, which does not have a bezel, can be used as a mobile workstation with a foldable tablet-expandable folder-style.

The thickness of the smartphone is slightly thicker than those of competitors, but it is not so thick considering the fact that it is a three-screen configuration that folds twice unlike other companies that fold one at a time. This three-screen device extends to a large tablet. Each screen is equipped with two cameras, which means that a total of six cameras are installed.

Intel’s FolderBox also features a stylus similar to the S pen used in the Galaxy Note series. Intel also updated its way of storing pens. By folding the device and pushing the pen into the edge of the housing, this allows the pen to be placed between the curved display and the housing. Perhaps this method seems to utilize magnets.

The smartphone can be opened or folded on one side, so you can enjoy the dual screen as much as you like. It may be left or right depending on the user’s convenience. The interface is adjusted accordingly, depending on the direction of the spread.

Intel Folder Foldable Tablet surfaced on the network with features
image source = Let’s Digital

With three display screens, each angle can be set to the triangle. This allows a foldable smartphone to be placed reliably on the table. It is useful for presentations, discussions, watching videos, etc., and can also be used if you want to use it as an alarm clock.

Foldable Intel Device

At the present time, it is doubtful whether these folder blades are actually manufactured. It is not a hurdle if the products do not come out for a while, and the challenge remains because large-screen batteries like this are needed.

Intel has been developing prototypes with two screens so far. The Tiger Rapids notebook is equipped with a standard LCD screen and electronic paper display (EPD) to save electricity. This dual screen also supports a stylus pen, and one of Intel’s partners will announce it at the end of the year, just as PC World reported late last year.

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Source: LetsGoDigital

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