September 29, 2022

In the new release of Insider: Xiaomi is preparing a smartphone with two separate screens; OPPO will release an inexpensive watch with an ECG monitor and a dialer; Google will continue to experiment with the camera in the Google Pixel 5 XL; Published image of the updated Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, which may go on sale.

Xiaomi is preparing a smartphone with two separate screens

Insider @_the_tech_guy published two schematic renderings of an unknown smartphone, which Xiaomi is allegedly developing. In front, the smartphone does not show unusual details – it is a classic frameless candy bar without a front camera and with a narrow neckline for the speaker at the top edge. The most interesting opens on the back.

TechInsider #12: OPPO smartwatches, Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, Google Pixel 5 XL

At the top of the rear panel are three rear cameras with four LED-LEDs. Right under the camera, there is another element – a full-fledged color screen with widgets and a search bar. This explains the missing front camera – using the second screen you can take high-quality selfies on the main camera.

The power and volume buttons are installed on the right side, another physical button is visible on the left, but its purpose is unknown.

Whether this device will go into mass production is unclear. The experiments of other vendors – YotaPhone, Meizu, Nubia – did not show much interest in users on the additional screen.

OPPO is preparing a smartwatch with an ECG monitor and a dialer

Renders of smartwatches from the Chinese vendor OPPO have appeared on the LetsGoDigital website. The source claims that the concepts are based on company patents and reflect how the wearable accessory will look.

An unnamed device so far will be able to register a pulse and an electrocardiogram, track sleep, physical activity – in other words, do everything that classic fitness bracelets and watches from large vendors, including Apple Watch, can do today. A special feature will be the ability to make and receive calls regardless of the phone. To do this, the watch has a speaker and a microphone.

The announcement date is not reported. The expected cost of hours is no more than $ 300.

Google will continue to experiment with the camera in the Pixel 5 XL

Four months after the announcement of Pixel 4, Google is actively working on the fifth generation of flagships, which did not hide from the watchful eye of techno insiders. John Prosser, editor of FrontPage Tech, has published a quality render of the Google Pixel 5 XL.

Smartphone Google Pixel 5 XL (2020) with unusual design and characteristics revealed

The render is supposedly based on 3D CAD files received from an extremely reliable source. If true, in 2020 Google will completely rethink the design of the camera and the location of all modules. However, by the time of the announcement, everything could change.

The announcement of the Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 5 XL is likely to take place this fall.

Published image of the updated Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, which may go on sale

In September last year, the announcement of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha smartphone with a panoramic display, which occupies 180% of the body area, namely the entire front side, side faces and most of the back panel, took place.

The head of the company immediately noted that Mi Mix Alpha will not appear on the free sale soon, but even after a possible release, only a small number of people will be able to buy it. However, 91mobiles retailer discovered a Xiaomi patent, which presents a simplified model of Mi Mix Alpha. Perhaps it will go on sale in the near future.

The key difference is that the display matrix enters the rear panel, but takes up significantly less space. In fact, in this version of Mi Mix Alpha, the screen is simply more curved and slightly goes back, which eliminates the appearance of scratches on the rear window. In front, the screen seems endless, disappearing beyond the edges of the case. What practical application Xiaomi will offer users will become known during the announcement.

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Insider #12: OPPO smartwatches, Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, Google Pixel 5 XL
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Insider #12: OPPO smartwatches, Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, Google Pixel 5 XL
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