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HTC Preparing in the Line of Dual Camera Phones for Next Year

HTC dual camera phones for 2018: HTC is preparing for release in the next year, only five or six models of smartphones with a dual camera. This was reported by Chialin Chang, president of HTC, communicating with reporters after yesterday’s announcement of HTC U11 + smartphones and Life in Taipei.

HTC Dual Camera Phones For 2018

HTC will launch a smartphone with a dual camera in 2018

In this case, HTC is going to return to the field of smartphones with dual cameras in 2018. Recall, the company already had a similar experience when it released HTC EVO 3D in the distant 2011. It was the first and last 3D-smartphone HTC. In addition to a dual camera for shooting 3D-video, he had a display with the ability to view 3D content without glasses.

Chialin Chang expressed confidence in the release of a smartphone with a dual camera for the next year, but noted that the company still has to figure out how to make this function “outstanding.”

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