October 3, 2022

Only the zoom of the camera will seduce: My grandmother, who was always a pragmatist, always told me that “a trip in the third grade is better than a walk in the first grade.” This may not be the case with dirty cheap smartphones, which can be so bad that you prefer almost no phone. Companies such as Honor, resist this trend and create phones that allow you to feel first-class with a third-class ticket. And this is the idea of the company’s latest phones , called the Honor 20 Series. The three phones are called Honor 20 Lite, Honor 20 and Honor 20 Pro, and you can imagine the role of each of them.

Honor 20 Pro Hands-On and Review: It's not a flagship phone

Honor 20 Lite is a stripped down phone that has nothing to do with competitors and is designed for beginners. Honor 20 and Pro are beasts called to serve two masters of photography and play. And thanks to some reasonable cost savings, you feel like flagships, even if they cost a much smaller part of your wallet.

Currently, most phones look the same, so Honor gets a prop to highlight things in the crowd. Like its predecessors, the Honor 20 has a shiny back with a gradient/ombre that glows in bright light. Honor says that the dynamic holographic design consists of three layers of glass that form the body of the phone.

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This includes tempered glass, sitting on a layer of paint with a choice of glossy blue or glossy purple. At the bottom, a layer of reflective crystals ensures that the light is reflected back so that it shimmers and shines better than a thousand sparkles. In addition, it was difficult to photograph this phone, not to mention the highlights, when it caught the light at a bad angle.

Honor 20 Pro Hands-On and Review: It's not a flagship phone

A company spokesman said the process is demanding, but incredibly wasteful: only 100 out of 100 cases control the device. Unfortunately, the glossy backside is a magnet for fingerprints, fluff and also difficult to hold. I have not dropped this item yet, but if I had bought it, I would first put it in a case that offers a small grip.

The big advantage for Honor 20 and Pro is image processing. Both cameras are impressive and promise that you will think twice about taking a camera for a big event. There are four cameras on the back of the Pro with an optically stabilized 48-megapixel main sensor with an aspect ratio of 1: 1.4, a special ultra wide-angle lens (16 megapixels, 1: 2.2) and a telephoto lens (8 megapixels, OIS, 1). : 2.4) from the flank) The main camera uses a four-layer sensor Sony IMX586, which will be installed in many phones in the coming months. Thanks to these three features, the phone has a 3x optical lossless zoom, 5x hybrid zoom and up to 30x digital zoom. The quartet rounding is less popular: a special 2-megapixel camera with a resolution of 1: 2.4 for macro photography. If you record an object within four inches, you will get a clear (but admittedly lower) image of something in a crazy close-up.

Honor 20 Pro Hands-On and Review: It's not a flagship phone

Honor 20 Pro camera shoots

Honor 20 still has a quartet of lenses, but you can’t brag about how far your zoom goes. They start with the same 48-megapixel camera and the same sensor, but with a narrower aperture (1: 1.8). The telephoto lens went missing, it was replaced with an auxiliary lens with a depth of 2 megapixels, but that was for big changes. You still get a macro camera, a wide-angle camera and the same artificial intelligence capabilities that the company continues to work on.

Honor 20 Pro camera shoots

Most of the photographic work is done on the device. A good example of this is the Honor AI Ultra Clarity mode. If you are not familiar with it, you can combine a series of images into a supposedly sharper image like HDR. Unfortunately, this kind of stunt works best when your camera is mounted on a tripod, and not in your fragile, moving human hands. If you tremble (and you do), you will easily recognize the blur associated with this series of exposures.

Now I’m here in two things because although the pictures are full of pixels, they are not necessarily superior to DSLR. They are close to the performance of the P30 camera (which you can and should read here), but not quite. In many of my photographs, the colors are a bit blurred and devoid of vitality and romance that can be found on other platforms.

Honor 20 Pro camera shoots

On the positive side, the zoom functions are pretty fantastic, especially if you use 5x hybrid zoom for shooting. Within this range, you can easily find small parts in buildings that you would not otherwise see. And even 20 times you get such scaling and optimization characteristics that will make the work of a detective very simple. In addition, however, the usual digital noise and blur occur, which is why images are no longer visible.

During the briefing, the honorary representatives told us to “shoot the moon”, which was not a reference to the documentary of the same name. Instead, the company promises that you can really shoot images of the Moon with the help of the quartet of lenses and the AI ​​magic that it contains. On a clear night, I was able to test it and connect our companion with the Pre-Production Honor 20 Pro and the iPhone 8 Plus. Although you will not write home about the result, the difference is striking.

Honor 20 Pro Hands-On and Review: It's not a flagship phone

Although advanced technologies used in flagships are a good way to boost rights, not everyone needs to be shown how rich they are. For example, an expensive 4K display on the phone is a waste of time when watching YouTube videos in the bathroom at work. Honor chose a 6.26-inch IPS LCD (with a resolution of 2340 x 1080, which corresponds to 412PPI) with trendy narrow frames. In the upper left is a 4mm hole for a 32-megapixel selfie camera. This is slightly ahead of the 20-hole 25 megapixel Honor View lens introduced this year.

Honor 20 Pro Hands-On and Review: It's not a flagship phone

On the LCD you cannot say much at the moment, which has not yet been said billions of times. The colors are deep and full, the viewing angles are great, and when playing video in full-screen mode, the effect is barely noticeable. And aesthetically, I find a 4 mm hole less annoying than a notch when watching movies on the go.

Fingerprint sensors attached to the back nowadays look a bit cheap because they look obsolete. After all, show phones have Whizzo face scan sensors or an ultrasound fingerprint scanner under the display. Honor does not ask its customers to spend such money, so she chose something smooth and cheap. Like many other Sony devices, the standby button is equipped with a fingerprint scanner. However, this is ideal only if the index finger falls on the key if you hold it in your left hand.

Honor 20 and 20 Pro come with a Huawei Kirin 980 processor, which is similar to the Snapdragon 845. 20 Pro has 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of memory. When the honor of 20 you get the same Kirin 980 in combination with 128 GB of memory and 6 GB of RAM.

Honor 20 Pro Hands-On and Review: It's not a flagship phone

Honor 20 is slightly shorter than its professional brother with a cell of 3750 mAh, compared to a professional with 4000 mAh. Both are equipped with 22.5 watts Honor SuperCharge, which promises to charge the battery in just 30 minutes to 50 percent. Due to my limited experience and how intense the phone user is, I fell to 30 or 40 percent in one day from Honor 20 Pro, with a few hours of Twitter, YouTube and the usual Internet. During the game, this number began to fall a little faster, and I could easily eat 10 percent of the battery in 20 minutes Fortnite.

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Unfortunately, despite the promise of virtual 9.1 surround sound (both on the device and via Bluetooth), the phone’s speakers are somewhat confusing. In one battle with my iPhone, I found that honor could not keep up with a total volume of 20 Pro. However, the fact that the Pro lacked the volume was compensated by a thin and generally richer sound. The included USB-C headphones were traditionally terrible.

Honor 20 Pro Hands-On and Review: It's not a flagship phone

If you are an Android supporter, you will not be delighted with the Honors Magic UI, which supports the EMUI feature on your phones. I have never had a hatred for the skins made by Huawei because I think this is a great way to simplify the often confusing Android interface. The animation fluid and inline themes are good, but this is hardly as controversial, as some people might do.

Phones with honor designed for young people with an emphasis on social networks, photos and especially games. Both Honor 20 and Honor 20 Pro come with a Turbo 3.0 GPU that says “how to recycle system-level games.” According to AnandTech, the company operates games with a machine in mastering tools for monitoring silicon power levels. If the most efficient way to transfer energy was found on the GPU, a profile will be created that is transmitted to the devices. Honor will not talk about which games have been tested for optimization, but given the fact that the Fortnite installer is enabled on the splash screen, you can guess.

Honor 20 Pro Hands-On and Review: It's not a flagship phone

Given the status of Fortnite as a favorite worldwide, it made sense to play it on the phone with an attitude towards the max. Surprisingly, the game went great, even if the phone was quite hot and significantly reduced battery life.

Honor is active throughout the world, including in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and China. In these regions, the series 20 will soon be on the market. The price for 20 is 499 euros, for Pro version – 599 euros. In the UK, it costs £399.99, Honor Watch Magic watches are free, but there is no Pro price yet. Given the small amount of time we spent on these devices, it is safe to say that Honor was once again convinced that the cheap phone does not feel that way. This phone makes fun of the idea that only good smartphones are those that cost $ 1500.

Honor 20 Pro Hands-On and Review: It's not a flagship phone

Of course, this phone will only travel as a subsidiary of Huawei in the United States when you import it. It looks as if the honor of 20 originally come before Google Android installs support for Huawei devices. However, given the reputation and status of the company as a goal in the United States, you should know that you can receive enemy admission when you walk down the street.

If there is a problem, there is a question about whether image processing hardware Honor can beat Google’s image editing software. In the end, the recently released Pixel 3a and 3a XL cost $ 400 and $ 480, respectively, and come with very tasty cameras. No matter if you are in the market for a decent phone without paying a premium, you have never been so good.

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Honor 20 Pro Hands-On and Review
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Honor 20 Pro Hands-On and Review
Honor 20 Pro hands on and review: the three phones are called Honor 20 Lite, Honor 20 and Honor 20 Pro, and you can imagine the role of each of them.
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