October 2, 2022

Huawei HarmonyOS is the “killer” Android. As you know, for more than one year, Huawei has been deprived of access to various American technologies, patents, components, and much more. All this happened because of the harsh American sanctions imposed on her, on the basis of which all US companies are forbidden to have any business with her.

Because of this situation, the brand was deprived of full access to the Android operating system, and at the same time to everything else that is somehow connected with it. The situation in this regard is unlikely to change in the near future, and that is why the Chinese corporation decided to “show its teeth” and release its own operating system for smartphones, which is called HarmonyOS.

HarmonyOS: Huawei released the Google Android "killer"

Back at a developer conference called HDC 2019 in August last year, Huawei officially announced its new platform, promising to release it at the end of 2020. Gradually, everything is approaching this date, that is, simply put, the very day will soon come when the latest operating system is officially announced, and then, after that, they will be released to the market, making it available to all users.

The latest software called HarmonyOS is extremely advanced in terms of its combination of qualities, and even if it hasn’t been fully presented yet, it’s already known what exactly this platform will please anyone who decides to download and install it.

So, according to insiders, just the other day, Huawei finally started the final stage of testing its new operating system, giving access to it to employees from the software testing department. Now they will actively use it for about two or three months, identifying various bugs and shortcomings so that they can be fully eliminated by the time of release.

HarmonyOS: Huawei released the Google Android "killer"

The latest platform contains a completely new interface, support for Android applications, a unified system for installing updates, a reliable protection system, and a number of other features. It is important to understand that this is a completely independent development based on Linux, that is, it has nothing to do with Android, unlike EMUI firmware or Magic UI.

The first smartphones that will work on the basis of this operating system will be the Mate 40 and Mate 40 Pro, and their release on the market is expected in October-November 2020, that is, in other words, there is not too long to wait.

The latest software will bring complete independence, meaning that Huawei will have full control not only over the hardware of its branded mobile devices but also over its software. This can lead to increased speed, improved stability, and, in addition, to a significant and very tangible increase in battery life due to deep full optimization.

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HarmonyOS: Huawei released the Google Android "killer"
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HarmonyOS: Huawei released the Google Android "killer"
Huawei new operating system Harmony OS free download and install. The new upcoming HarmonyOS Huawei released the Google Android "killer". For more tech
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