October 15, 2021

Huawei is ready to replace Android with Harmony OS in its smartphones. Yes, Huawei finally announced the release of the first smartphone with HarmonyOS. In the future, HarmonyOS will become a worldwide operating system with a huge user base.

In 2019, the US government imposed sanctions that caused Huawei to lose support for Google services for its Android devices. Since then, the company has been working on its own operating system, Harmony OS, also known as HongMeng OS in China. It is now reportedly poised to replace Android.

Download HarmonyOS, the “killer” Android from Huawei

Commenting on long-standing rumors on the network about the first mobile phone with the operating system HarmonyOS (HongmengOS), Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO Yu Chengdong confirmed its existence and outlined a release date. He stated that Harmony OS is already capable of offering 70-80 percent of Android’s functionality.

Huawei is completely ready to start rolling out its operating system on branded smartphones if Android is banned. It is reported that work on Harmony OS is almost complete, and its ecosystem is ready to compete on an equal footing with Google’s solution.

The Huawei leader announced that at the HDC 2020 developer conference on September 10, the company will announce HarmonyOS 2.0, which will be available for tablet users. This will be followed by a large wave of new products that will run HarmonyOS. It has already been confirmed that the new version of HarmonyOS will work with desktops, smartwatches, car multimedia systems, and more.

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Of course, many are interested in the question of when Huawei will abandon Android and switch to using HarmonyOS in its smartphones. Yu Chengdong confirmed that the first smartphone with HarmonyOS is already being tested and is scheduled for release next year.

He added that in the future, HarmonyOS will become a worldwide operating system with a huge user base.

An insider said earlier that HongMengOS 3.0 “will be ready for mobile phones,” and the first smartphone with this operating system will be announced in the second half of next year.

Chendong said that Huawei’s operating system will run on future smartphones, tablets, PCs, and many other products from the company. To some extent, this approach strongly resembles Apple’s strategy. Yu Chendong also said that the company will start developing its own production equipment, as the latest sanctions have closed its access to US technology.

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Harmony OS: Finally Huawei's first smartphone announced
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Harmony OS: Finally Huawei's first smartphone announced
Huawei is ready to replace Android with Harmony OS in its smartphones. Yes, HarmonyOS aka HongMeng for Huawei's first smartphone finally
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