October 15, 2021

For many years, Google has been producing mobile devices that are unremarkable from a technical point of view, because in terms of their hardware they are much inferior to models from other manufacturers at equal cost. Fortunately, soon everything will change, because a flagship such as Google Pixel 5 XL will receive a lot of features that are currently not even found in flagships such as the Samsung Galaxy S11, Apple iPhone 12 MX, OnePlus 8 and others, which will be released in the near future. The novelty from the “search giant” will tear all its competitors, so its sales should be a record high.

Google Pixel 5 XL will "tear" Samsung Galaxy S11, OnePlus 8 and other flagships

Next year in October, a flagship such as Google Pixel 5 XL will enter the market. It will be equipped with the latest technology, having received advanced hardware and other features. The novelty will be credited with a 108-megapixels quad rear camera.

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One of the features of the new mobile device will be its support for Motion Mode, thanks to which the phone can shoot moving objects without unnecessary difficulties while making the background blurry. Special algorithms created by the American corporation Google will help him in this. Another feature of the new flagship is the ability to use 100x zoom.

The introduction of such a feature in Google Pixel 5 XL will make possible through the use of a combination of optical zoom and proprietary Super Res Zoom technology. In addition to all this, the new flagship of the brand will be able to boast an OLED display with a frame rate of 120 Hz. A-frame rate increased by 30% will make all animations much smoother and, as a result, pleasing to the eyes, and it is worth a lot.

Otherwise, the flagship of the “search giant” is credited with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor with Adreno’s latest version. There will be no 3.5 mm connector in the new product, but the manufacturer has installed the usual USB Type- C.

Thus, as you can easily see, Google Pixel 5 XL can really surprise all customers because it will turn out to be one of the most advanced phones on the market, and the fact that the Android 11 operating system will be installed right out of the box only makes it’s more attractive in every way. It is expected that the basic version of the phone will be estimated at $ 800 and the elder version will cost around $1000 USD.

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Google Pixel 5 XL will "tear" Samsung Galaxy S11, OnePlus 8 and others
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Google Pixel 5 XL will "tear" Samsung Galaxy S11, OnePlus 8 and others
Smartphone Google Pixel 5 XL (2020) will "tear" Samsung Galaxy S11, OnePlus 8 and other flagships. According to the latest rumors, the new Google Pixel 5 XL
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  • The most important question, though, is will Google finally give us a battery that will make this phone a true endurance champion? A phone with all the great features but a 3,500 mAh battery just isn’t going to cut it … Unless they’re going to give us a minimum of 4,200 mAh and preferably closer to 5,000 mAh, it’s going to be hard to buy another Pixel (considering battery is my biggest issue on my Pixel 3 XL) over Samsung.