December 1, 2022

The US government has placed Huawei on the “blacklist” – now Americans cannot work with it without permission. And while it is not, with the Chinese giant broke the relationship Google. Immediately there were opinions that this will lead to the abandonment of Android updates and the inability to put YouTube, Gmail and other services on the smartphone. What is actually facing a ban? We tell.

Google broke with Huawei and HONOR. What awaits the owners of these smartphones?

I have a Huawei or HONOR. How soon will I lose my YouTube and Chrome updates?

In fact, nothing terrible has happened yet. If smartphones are sold or are in stock, they have already been certified, so they cannot retroactively deprive some of the functions. Current users of Huawei (or HONOR) can exhale – Google services will not shut you down. This was announced by the official twitter-account Android. “We assure you that we are fulfilling all the requirements of the US government. Nevertheless, Google Play and Google Play Protect services will continue to work on existing Huawei devices, ”the tweet says.

Huawei also said that services will work on current models.

“Huawei will continue to provide updates for security systems and after-sales services for all existing Huawei and HONOR smartphones and tablets that are already in use or are available in stores on the world market. ”

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In this case, it is likely that OS updates will be delayed. After all, with Open Source, a longer chain is obtained: you have to wait for patches from Google, port them separately, test them and then install them. It takes time.

Google broke with Huawei and HONOR. What awaits the owners of these smartphones?

And if I want to buy a new model that has not yet been announced. What will happen to her?

Here we must understand what will happen next, we do not know. And no one knows. But you can make a few assumptions. The first is that Huawei will work on the Android Open Source Project, an open source system. On this platform, OnePlus and Vivo smartphones are consistently released. “As one of the key partners of Android, we are working with their open platform for the development of the ecosystem necessary for both consumers and the industry as a whole,” the company representative assured us. The second is that Huawei will roll out gadgets on its own OS, which it has been developing for a long time.

How to solve the problem with Google services?

Google broke with Huawei and HONOR. What awaits the owners of these smartphones?

There is a common method: the company inserts into the smartphone a shortcut to download the entire package of services – not only the app store but also any YouTube with chrome. If the user needs, he puts them without problems. It turns out that the services were supplied not by the manufacturer, but by the owner of the gadget. Under this scheme, Xiaomi brought directly from China, worked for many years.

Is there any chance that everything will end peacefully?

Yes. If the company is on the “blacklist”, this does not mean that it was kicked out of the market – just American businessmen should obtain special permission from the US government to work with disgraced offices. However, permission not to knock out without a lot of complex procedures. And if Google will go for it, the problem will be solved by itself.

Google broke with Huawei and HONOR. What awaits the owners of these smartphones?

The second option – Huawei will do something for which it will be removed from the “black list” . What specifically needs to be done for this is not yet clear. But you can rely on the example of a year-old ZTE. Then the authorities banned US companies to sell equipment for the Chinese manufacturer. But it cost ZTE to pay a $ 1.4 billion fine, change management and allow US intelligence agencies to monitor their activities, as the taboo was removed.

It is important to understand: neither Huawei nor Google are to blame for what happened. Both companies have become hostages of the US-Chinese trade war. But for users, nothing fatal has happened yet – we are waiting for the development of events.

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