October 4, 2022

Comments Rules

Target YouTube Commenting Rules:

We have a total of 5 rules. When commenting on those or other materials is prohibited:

1. The incitement of ethnic and religious hatred, rude remarks against the representatives of all nationalities and races.

2. Threats of physical violence, sexual violence.

3. Go to the person, insults to the visitors, public figures, journalists, distribution of personal data.

Insults: In the sense not an occasion for discussion and debate element. Speak in fact discussion notes, not personalities, making comments or referred to in it. We also do not discuss site policy. It is forbidden to publicly discuss the actions of moderators and site administration. Not recommended for use in comments.

4. Duplicate Comments (flood), mindless comments (flame), comments not pertaining to the topic of articles (off topic). Do not

abuse the use of capital letters (CAPS LOCK).

5. Advertising of other sites, including veiled.

Comments that violate the Target YouTube Rules of conduct on the site will be deleted without warning. In secondary placement

already deleted message, the moderator has the right to block (“ban”) user.

We draw your attention to the fact that, in accordance with U.S Legislation for posting comments that contain calls for extremist

activity, you may be held criminally liable in accordance with the law.

We strongly recommend to follow above rules while commenting on our site.


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