December 1, 2022


In the video we are shown a dual main camera, whose modules are located horizontally, and the physical keyboard of the smartphone. After several months of speculation and leaks, today BlackBerry Mobile published the first official video of the successor to BlackBerry KEYone. Although the BlackBerry KEY2 demonstration lasts only 15 seconds on the new video, we can notice many of the improvements KEY2 got compared to KEYone, including a photo module with two cameras, transfer of the power button to the right side of the phone, and keyboard buttons that look duller, better fashioned and slightly larger than the small, glossy KEYone buttons. Expect even more convenient typing on the keyboard KEY2.

BlackBerry KEY2 - Official Release Date CONFIRMED!!! -

Teaser concludes with another interesting feature that we have never seen on the BlackBerry – a mysterious new button in the lower right-hand side of the keyboard to the right of the spacebar and the character key. We do not yet know the exact functionality of this button, but we can assume that it is related to the multitasking mode.

BlackBerry KEY2 - Official Release Date CONFIRMED!!! -

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It remains to wait for the announcement of the BlackBerry KEY2, which will be held in New York on June 7. Follow our news!


BlackBerry Mobile has already announced the date of the presentation of the new QWERTY smartphone BlackBerry KEY2, which will be held in New York on June 7 this year. The presentation starts at 10 am (at 5 pm Moscow time). As usual, we will prepare a special report from the event, but those who want to follow the presentation online can do it by joining the online broadcast on YouTube!

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