November 8, 2021

The Bluboo S3 smartphone with an 8500 mAh battery entered the global market

A few days ago the company Bluboo unveiled the characteristics of its new smartphone Bluboo S3. And now the novelty entered the global sale at a price of $ 149.99. This price will be valid for the entire period of the promotional campaign – from April 18 to 27. During the campaign, two users will randomly be selected every day, who will receive a smartphone for free. In addition, 10 smartphones Bluboo S3 with 50% discount will be available daily at 13:00 Moscow time.

Best Smartphone Under $150, Bluboo S3 Hands-On and Review!!!

Judging by the photos and video published by Bluboo, the design of the Bluboo S3 is similar to the external appearance of the flagship Samsung S9 smartphone, so it was once described as a “special version” of the Samsung S9 with a battery of 8500 mAh.

However, Bluboo-S3 can compete with Samsung S9 not only in terms of battery capacity. If you look at the table below, Samsung S9 wins in terms of processor performance and display resolution, and Bluboo S3 has such advantages as a large battery capacity, high charging speed, camera resolution and, most importantly, price.

Best Smartphone Under $150, Bluboo S3 Hands-On and Review!!!

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The capacity of the Bluboo S3 battery is three times that of the Samsung S9, while its price is only 1/6 of the cost of a South Korean smartphone. By the way, Bluboo S3 also supports OTG with the ability to charge other devices, NFC function and 10 4G bands, which allows the user to enjoy a faster network in most countries of the world.

Best Smartphone Under $150, Bluboo S3 Hands-On and Review!!!

All these advantages make Bluboo-S3 one of the most competitive smartphones among gadgets with a large battery.

Best Smartphone Under $150, Bluboo S3 Hands-On and Review!!!

After the end of the promo campaign, the price of the smartphone will grow to $ 179.99. Do not miss the moment, click on this link and get a 50% discount and gifts worth $ 50.

Source: Science and Knowledge


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Best Smartphone Under $150, Bluboo S3 Hands-On and Review!!!

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