September 29, 2022

Layout Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max: a new connector, the old design, and comparison with the iPhone 11

It is expected that the iPhone 12 family, which will consist of four models designed for different markets, will undergo some long-overdue redesign. The flagship and the most dimensional device will be the iPhone 12 Pro Max – thanks to the publication by the Japanese resource Mac Otakara of the model of this device, obtained from its own sources, it became possible to compare the design with the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Curiously, instead of the 6.7-inch display, which rumors indicate, the layout of the iPhone 12 Pro Max includes an old 6.5-inch screen (as measured by the diagonal). Perhaps this is one of the earliest prototypes, and in the future, there will be a more accurate and perfect volumetric layout.

In addition, the same huge screen cutout was seen on this model as on older Apple smartphones starting with the iPhone X, although rumors indicated a radical change in design.

The height of the layout is 159 mm (the difference with the iPhone 11 Pro Max is only 1 mm), the width reaches 78 mm (0.3 mm more than the current largest iPhone). But the thickness has become noticeably less: according to the measurements of Mac Otakara, 7.1 mm versus 8.1 mm for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Let’s hope this does not affect autonomy.

According to the images, on the left side of the new iPhone 12 Pro Max, there seems to be a third-generation iPad Pro magnetic connector. Does this mean that the upcoming iPhone 12 series will receive support for the smaller digital pen Apple Pencil? Analysts believed that the company’s smartphones will receive support for Apple Pencil back in 2019, but this did not happen.

By the way, according to another recent rumor, the camera in the iPhone 12 may get a new stabilization system based on a shift of the sensor, rather than lenses.

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A source: MacOtaKara

Apple's NEW iPhone 12 Pro Max (2020) Compared with iPhone 11
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Apple's NEW iPhone 12 Pro Max (2020) Compared with iPhone 11
The new Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max (2020) Compared with iPhone 11. Layout Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max: a new connector, the old design, and comparison with the iPhone 11.
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