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Caviar introduces Apple iPhone X Tesla: Apple smartphone has added a solar battery

The brand of expensive smartphones, phones, and accessories Caviar presented a curious device, called the iPhone X Tesla. As you might guess, based on the model of the device iPhone X from Apple. The Tesla prefix in the title indicates the presence of a solar battery located on the back of the case.

Apple iPhone X Tesla With Solar Panel on the Back

” iPhone X Tesla from Caviar is equipped with a solar battery that converts the energy of light and with its help replenishes the battery of the phone, ” – the creators state.

Apple iPhone X Tesla With Solar Panel on the Back

The appearance of the device is designed in a minimalist style: a black body with a PVD-coating includes a charging shockproof plate and a decorative element. Replacing the glass case with titanium, the creators provided the device with reliable protection against damage. There is an engraving of a unique number.

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The electronic “stuffing” of the smartphone has not changed. The device will be delivered in a wooden lacquered case with a “black velvet” finish.

Apple iPhone X Tesla With Solar Panel on the Back

Receiving pre-orders for the iPhone X Tesla has already begun. The model with a flash drive with a capacity of 64 GB is estimated at 259,000 rubles or $4,445, and a version with a storage capacity of 256 GB – in 274,000 rubles or $4,700.

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