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Apple iPhone X 2017 Smartphone Design With Phone Specifications, Price, Release Date, Features, Specs and Characteristics

iPhone X is Apple’s flagship smartphone of 2017 and coming officially this month September. The output of the Apple iPhone-X 2017 is timed to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone 2G. The Apple iPhone-X 2017 will receive a lot of unique features, design, and characteristics.

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Apple iPhone X 2017 Phone Specifications, Price, Release Date, Features, Specs, and Characteristics

  • True Tone OLED-display with almost no frames.
  • All-glass case.
  • System on a six-core processor Apple A11 Fusion.
  • Softkey “Home”.
  • Wireless charger.
  • Fast charging.
  • Ultra-fast face scanner.
  • Full waterproof to IP68 standard.
  • Dual vertical camera with improved support for augmented reality.
  • 3D Touch of the second generation.

Apple iPhone X 2017 Price, Release Date, Features, Specs

Apple iPhone X Price and Release Date

iPhone-X 64 GB – ($ 999)
iPhone-X 256 GB – ($ 1099)
iPhone-X 512 GB – ($ 1,199)

The date of the presentation of the iPhone-X is September 12, 2017. The launch of iPhone X is scheduled for September 22.

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