September 16, 2021

Flagship Smartphone Apple iPhone 9 Plus Appeared on Renderers and Video

Resource “Science and Knowledge” published a compilation of renderings and video with a 3D presentation of the upcoming smartphone Apple iPhone 9 Plus in 2018. The source material was Science and Knowledge, founder and editor of YouTube channel, known for the organization of leaks through the @SAKYOUTUBE Twitter account.

Apple iPhone 9, First Look, Concept, Trailer, Photos, Video, Specs, Review
Apple iPhone 9 Plus – Science and Knowledge

Last fall, Apple presented the iPhone Xframeless flagship in a glass case. For the sake of this device the company quarreled with suppliers, tore down deadlines, refused a fingerprint scanner and selected only the best components. As a result, the “dozen” turned out cool, but expensive – expensive primarily for Apple.

For example, a few days ago the news broke that the iPhone X makes a third of the revenue in the entire mobile market. Most likely, these calculations are correct, but analysts in vain did not calculate the net profit from one gadget. Then it would turn out that Apple earns on one iPhone X is far from cosmic money. If that, the formula at which the cost price ($ 357) is deducted from the price tag ($ 1000), is absolutely irrelevant: it does not take into account the costs of logistics, marketing, accessories and other expenses annoying top management of Apple.

Apple iPhone 9, First Look, Concept, Trailer, Photos, Video, Specs, Review
Apple iPhone 9 Plus – Science and Knowledge

Therefore, Cook needs a smartphone, which, with a similar margin, would be mega mass and super-popular. The same iPhone X still remains almost a bonus – even the basic version (64 GB) is noticeably ahead of competitors on the minimum price (from 65-67 thousand). And the available models in the old design (iPhone 6s / 7/8) very soon completely cease to inspire buyers – Cook clearly understands this, watching how the racks are filled with frameless gadgets.

Apple iPhone 9, First Look, Concept, Trailer, Photos, Video, Specs, Review
Apple iPhone 9 Plus – Science and Knowledge

Consequently, Apple will try to make an ultra-balanced smartphone to sell it at a reasonable price, and not for $ 1,000. According to the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who makes mistakes very rarely, the iPhone 9 should become the hit model – it will be presented in September, and the price for the minimal modification will be only 650 dollars.

Apple iPhone 9, First Look, Concept, Trailer, Photos, Video, Specs, Review
Apple iPhone 9 Plus – Science and Knowledge

What else do we know about him? Below are 7 main facts

1. iPhone 9 will receive a 6.1-inch screen – this is already confirmed information. Due to the thin frames of the “nine” in size will be even smaller than the traditional iPhone Plus, so because of the size of experience is not worth it.

More importantly, Apple will save on two non-critical options. Firstly, the screen will not be OLED (as in the iPhone X), but the LCD (as in the older iPhones). Secondly, the new affordable model will be left without the 3D Touch. Also a small loss, given that this function was too lazy to copy even Android-vendors. The general conclusion is that the screen will be OK.

2. Aluminum case – an unequivocal option, because the glass is much more expensive. Still, apparently, iPhone 9 will come out without water protection – again, it’s okay.

3. Wireless charging – by. Fast – too.

4. The battery will not be L-shaped, as in the iPhone X, but standard. There are exactly two compromises. The first – the battery iPhone 9 will survive a little fewer cycles than the “dozens.” The second – the “nine” will sometimes be noticeably heated when charging. With this, nothing can be done – only to endure.

By the way, the capacity of the battery is about 3000 mAh. No surprises – iPhone 9 will work one day in intensive mode.

5. The processor is also clear – put last year’s Apple A11. Enough for any task, like 3 GB of RAM. There will be practically no braking.

6. The camera is strictly single because the dual module is too expensive. But on the front panel will fit Face ID – Apple figured out the suppliers of components for this system and adjusted the workflow so as to avoid a deficit.

7. There is a forecast that for the Asian market (and not only), Apple will finally release an iPhone with two SIM-cards, and the advanced modification will cost $ 100 more. Such a smartphone is waiting for very, very many, but there is almost no chance – it’s unlikely that Cook will abandon the company’s principles.

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iPhone 9 – the new iPhone 5c?

On paper, the iPhone 9 seems almost an ideal mass smartphone – the same as the iPad (2018) in the world of tablets. But there is one nuance. Now, as in 2013, all IT journalists repeat the mantra phrase “budget iPhone” on a daily basis. But the adjective “budgetary” in the minds of those who do not follow the market is synonymous with the price of 250-300 dollars. 350-400 – already a maximum, and 500 – bespredel.

Apple iPhone 9, First Look, Concept, Trailer, Photos, Video, Specs, Review
Apple iPhone 9 Plus – Science and Knowledge

That’s why five years ago the iPhone 5c failed, which at the start cost just $ 550. Everyone thought that “c” was cheap, but it turned out that it was colored. But the decoding and explanations of Apple already did not bother anyone: the buyers disappointedly exhaled and went to the queue for the iPhone 5s. A colored plastic iPhone was lying on the shelves, collecting dust.

In 2018, the remake of this story can happen only in one case – if Apple oborzet and expose the iPhone 9, not for 650 or even for 700, but for $ 800. Then the difference with the glass iPhone X (which will also update) is only $ 200, and the metal device will fail. It will be something like the current iPhone 8 Plus – like a good smartphone, but it’s more logical to pay a little and take a full flagship.

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So Apple needs to be very careful about the division between price categories. Theoretically, iPhone 9 is a killer for both Galaxy, Huawei, and all other competitors, but in practice, it all depends on Tim Cook’s greed.

Apple iPhone 9, First Look, Concept, Trailer, Photos, Video, Specs, Review
Apple iPhone 9 Plus – Science and Knowledge

If he, having deprived the “nine” of flagship features, will ask for it as a top Android smartphone, then the best seller will not happen – the metal iPhone will neatly fit into the product line and will gradually replace old models with wide frames.

But Apple clearly expects more – then we are waiting for an adequate price list and we believe that the story with the iPhone 5c will not be duplicated.

According to another source, it is expected that in 2018, Apple will release two OLED-models with a diagonal of 5.85 and 6.45 inches, as well as a 6.1-inch LCD model. All of them will receive a frameless design and a user recognition function on the Face ID. Their announcement should take place in September, at the traditional annual press event dedicated to the new generation of iPhone.

Apple iPhone 9, First Look, Concept, Trailer, Photos, Video, Specs, Review
Apple iPhone 9 Plus – Science and Knowledge

The render shows an “inexpensive” 6.1-inch iPhone, which can get the name of the iPhone 9. They show a frameless design with a cut-out screen in the style of the iPhone X and a single main camera. By and large, the camera will be the most noticeable difference in the design from the iPhone X, even the layout of the buttons remains the same, the speaker grille and port on the bottom face look identical.

According to physical dimensions, the smartphone Apple iPhone 9 will be thicker – 8.3 mm, while the iPhone X has a thickness of 7.7 mm. The remaining dimensions are 150.9 x 76.5 mm, while the iPhone X is more compact – 143.6 x 70.9 mm. Apparently, Apple will keep the screen proportions 19.5: 9.

For more updates please stay tuned. Thanks!

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