October 15, 2021

iPhone 9 postponed for several months, iPhone 12 will also linger

The exact release dates for the Apple iPhone 9 will “depend on the pace of recovery in April and May.”

Representatives of Bank of America (BofA) released a statement last night stating that the long-awaited fifth-generation iPhone 12 with network support will be delayed due to an outbreak of coronavirus.

The conclusion of Bank of America was made after a conversation with Apple supply chain expert Elliot Lahn, who believes that the release of the iPhone 12, scheduled for September this year, will be delayed by one month.

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In addition, due to the current situation, the release of iPhone SE2 will be delayed for “several months”. One of the reasons is the problem with a stable supply of components and the fact that many plants have not yet resumed their work. The second reason is weak market demand caused by an outbreak of coronavirus.

Bank of America analyst Wamsi Mohan said in a report that the exact release dates for the iPhone 9 will “depend on the pace of recovery in April and May.”

Yesterday at the auction, Apple shares fell 3.8%. Compared to the February high, Apple’s stock price fell by more than 10%. Deutsche Bank lowered the target price of Apple shares from $ 305 to $ 295, citing “a fairly significant uncertainty associated with this outbreak.”

Earlier this week, Foxconn, the iPhone maker, said its factories would begin normal operations by the end of March.

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Apple iPhone 9 and iPhone 12 postponed for several months
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Apple iPhone 9 and iPhone 12 postponed for several months
Smartphones Apple iPhone 9 (iPhone SE 2) and iPhone 12 postponed for several months. The exact release dates for the iPhone 9 will “depend on the pace of
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