September 29, 2022

Unannounced Apple iPhone 8 white for the first time shown

Despite the fact that in view of the imminent announcement of the Apple iPhone 8 shortage of leaks, renderers and “blanks” devaysa not observed, something we have never seen. It’s about how the future will look like a smartphone from Apple in a white color scheme. It was not until today. Popular designer Martin Hajek, is widely known for his concept artami-and 3D-models of smartphones from Apple, released new renderings of glass iPhone 8 in white and silver and black colors.

apple iphone 8 white

There are too many rumors about Apple iPhone 8 in different  colors but for the first time it shows in white color that looks awesome.

iPhone 8 Characteristics

As we can see in the image representation, Apple iPhone 8 will not have any physical buttons and touchscreen on the front panel indicators and the display of the future Apple iPhone 8 will receive a recess for FaceTime-camera and speaker. White model will be equipped with silver frames. Well monochrome black is: and the front and rear panels of the same color, whereby the above-described recess for camera and speaker aesthetically merges with the display. Among other things, on the renderers clearly shows that the work on iOS Soup 11. However, it is unlikely for some it will be a surprise.

apple iphone 8 white

According to popular belief, this is how it will look Apple iPhone 8. However, it should take into account that this is unconfirmed information, and Hayek can not speak for Apple. On the other hand, before the designer was not mistaken.

apple iphone 8 white apple iphone 8 white apple iphone 8 white

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