October 3, 2022

Apple iPhone 8 the most beautiful and gorgeous design originally created by Moe Slah

For the umpteenth time, manufacturers of Apple can not hide the new iPhone model in secret. On the model of the iPhone 8 with the OLED display a lot is known, although some details remain a mystery.

The release of the iPhone 8 is planned in September 2017, although many analysts believe that the output will be transferred to October. Exactly one can say one thing – the release date for iPhone 8 is unknown. According to data that has become public, the new iPhone will be equipped with a frameless display, wireless charging and a 3D camera.

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Persons who have access to Apple’s confidential information claim that the sample of 2017 will become a special one , different from its predecessors by external and internal characteristics. The model, timed to the tenth anniversary of Apple’s smartphones, was called “the king of smartphones designed by Moe Slah.”

Apple iPhone 8 Easy-Drive mode By Moe Slah

Here are the Apple’s next flagship iPhone 8 features and characteristics:

Apple iPhone 8 Multiple wallpapers shows how it will look in bright and dark wallpapers

  • Apple iPhone-8 Hello, World!
  • Apple iPhone-8 iOS 11?

I don’t know how it will look on iPhone 8 is it will be the same on the older devices or they will give it a hand?

  • Apple iPhone-8 App Store

Big screen and interesting content deserve your attention

  • Apple iPhone-8 Want to play?

We can imagine how games will be on this awesome OLED screen

  • Apple iPhone-8 Files

More space for both of Screen and Storage

  • Apple iPhone-8 Stressed Out

Take a break and listen to your favorite band.

  • Apple iPhone-8 Navigation

Navigate between applications freely.

  • Apple iPhone-8 Easy drive mode home screen
  • Apple iPhone 8 Whether quick stats

Source: Science and Knowledge and Behance

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