September 29, 2022

Apple iPhone 8 Renders Show A Larger Power Key that (could) house the fingerprint reader

TouchID has reportedly been giving Apple headaches, but evidence is starting to mount that the fingerprint reader will move to the Power button on the side of the Apple iPhone 8.

Schematics has been acquired by Forbes from case designer Nodus and created 3D renders based on them. What they show is that the Power button is significantly enlarged. Apple has already secured a patent for just such a setup.

Home button of Apple iPhone 8 will go digital on the new wider screen display (5.8” in diagonal). It will be a part of a new “function area”, which will also house the notifications. Those have been repositioned, since the top part of the display has a cut out to make room for the front camera and sensors.

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Other changes include in Apple iPhone 8 rotating the dual camera on the back 90° so that it will be horizontal when the phone is held in landscape – like, say, inside a VR/AR headset. And one non-change – the Lightning port lives on, there will be no USB-C in this iteration (despite MacBooks embracing the standard) are included in Apple iPhone 8. And no 3.5mm headphone jack either in Apple iPhone 8, but that’s no surprise.

Apple iPhone 8 (2017) Renders Show A Larger Power Key

So how confident are Nodus and myself about the renders? To the extent that Nodus was happy for me to publicly disclose it as the source and reveal the company is prototyping its retail cases from them. Similar leaks saw Olixar go a step further and start selling Galaxy Note 8 cases last month.

Some iPhone 8 secrets do still remain: battery capacity, camera specifications, A11 chipset performance and whether it will be as jaw droppingly expensive as expected. But when it comes to its looks, ladies and gentlemen: this is the iPhone 8.

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