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Apple iPhone 5X Concept Introduction, Dual Camera, iPhone 5 and iPhone X Mixture

iPhone 5X Design Conceptualized With Dual Camera in the Mix. Recently Apple launched latest smartphone Apple iPhone X and iPhone 8, but this is a fresh one. We’re introducing new Apple iPhone 5X here, one rendered by Toucan Design and sporting a dual camera.

Apple iPhone 5X With Dual Camera is iPhone 5 and iPhone X Mixture

The device is a mixture of Apple iPhone 5 and iPhone X, the device 5X has a full-screen facade, while the rear panel equipped dual camera and LED flash. The volume keys are more stylish and elongated now, in keeping with the latest smartphone design trends. The Apple iPhone 5X aluminum case gets a facelift, with rounded edges at the back panel. Interestingly, this remains a compact smartphone, so the Apple iPhone 5X name is spot on.

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The gadget iPhone 5X got a height and weight similar to the iPhone 5, but this time it is 1 mm slimmer and stylish. A color-coded version of iOS makes Apple iPhone 5X special and more attractive.

As far as iPhone 5X is concerned we feel that this will be the hardest job of manufacturing of this Apple Version. Working with particularly iPhone 5X the tricky part is, we’ve got a small panel with more curves. Also, this is the smartest decision ever to get Face ID on it which is of course very smart choice.

Apple iPhone 5X With Dual Camera is iPhone 5 and iPhone X Mixture

particularly since working on a panel this small with so many curved areas is tricky. Also, why not get Face ID on it, if we’re at it?

We think Blue UI is incredible inside of iPhone-5X as the new design seems to be incredible as compare to Nokia which is and should be feeling with a similar approach.

Now since it’s the incredibly industry standard design all other aspects of Hardware and UI seems to be fantastic.

Apple iPhone 5X Characteristics

  • Mixture of iPhone 5 & iPhone X
  • Full-Screen Facade
  • Dual Camera and LED flash
  • Volume Keys are More Stylish
  • Aluminum Case
  • Rounded Edges at Back Panel
  • Power Button is Placed on the Right
  • Special Colour-Coded version of iOS

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