September 29, 2022

Apple’s future flagship smartphone iPhone 13 will receive a new generation screen and a new level of security: TouchID in Apple iPhone 13. Apple’s future flagship smartphones will be most modernized in the sense of the latest innovations & features.

The company Apple is actively working on the next generation of the iPhone, which will present in 2021. The portal My drivers report this with reference to an informed source.

Apple iPhone 13 (2021) fresh leaks and updates suddenly revealed

The first prototype is allegedly made in exactly the same style as the iPhone 12 smartphones. That is, it has a smooth metal plate around the entire perimeter of the screen. The screen of the sample was able to refresh the image at 120 hertz. However, the iPhone 13 does not have an under-screen fingerprint scanner.

The controversial display cutout, which houses the components of the Face ID system, remains in place. As another insider stated earlier, they are going to make it less. But we are talking about early prototypes, and the real iPhone 13 will be released in the fall of 2021.

Another very important point is that at this stage the prototype does not have a fingerprint scanner under the surface of the screen. The fingerprint sensor may be built into the side plate. However, it could also be that the smartphone will only rely on the Face ID system.

According to another source, the entire iPhone 12 line has one significant drawback – quick unlocking only in the face. Password entry takes time. We need TouchID again so that we don’t remove the mask when the phone is opened. It was once a security breakthrough. Then Apple switched to FaceID completely.

Apple iPhone 13 (2021) fresh leaks and updates suddenly revealed

To have a fingerprint sensor now, you need an iPhone 5S to SE (2020). From new devices with TouchID, you can buy the iPhone 8/8 Plus and SE 2020. But these are no longer top-end devices. Cupertinians heard the opinion of their fans and planned an updated technology in the iPhone 13.

Formerly a well-known network informant under the nickname Ice Universe, who often shares reliable exclusive information about new products in the mobile industry, was the first to report that the famous bangs will remain in the smartphone with the presumable name of the iPhone 13, which will be released next year. He added that Apple will try to please fans by reducing the size of this cutout, noting that “the bangs should be shorter.”

Presumably, the iPhone 13 should receive a screen with an increased refresh rate of up to 120 Hz.

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Apple iPhone 13 (2021) next-generation display and a new level of security
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Apple iPhone 13 (2021) next-generation display and a new level of security
Apple's future flagship smartphone Apple iPhone 13 will receive a new generation screen and a new level of security, Touch ID Apple iPhone 13.
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