October 15, 2021

As you know, one of the most money-hungry brands on the mobile device market is Apple, which is trying its best to ensure that as many people as possible pay it money for everything that is possible at all. Not so long ago, it was possible to find out that especially for the release of its new flagships from the Apple iPhone 12 line, the American corporation decided to release a 20 W power supply, which will be more compact and more powerful than the 18 W solution, which can now be found in the iPhone 11 Pro.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro (2020) Magnificent Updates Suddenly 'Confirmed'

However, the joy of users was short-lived, as a well-known and very reliable source reported that the American corporation decided to reconsider the supply package of its smartphones, and buyers of its new phones would experience all such innovations.

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Apple iPhone 12 Pro (2020) Magnificent Updates Suddenly ‘Confirmed’
Apple iPhone 12/Pro (2020) massive update suddenly confirmed

In addition to the fact that wired EarPods with a Lightning connector will disappear from the package of absolutely all iPhone 12 models, Apple also decided to deprive all users of the power supply, that is, each new brand phone, even if they cost more than $ 1000, will be equipped with one cable USB Type-C is Lightning, and everything else will need to be purchased separately.

Due to such innovations, the “Apple” corporation will be able to save about $ 20 – $ 25 on each of its phones, and at the same time deprive buyers of goods for about $ 60, because it is this amount of money that the wired headphones and charger will cost separately. In addition, the box size of the smartphone will be reduced.

Due to the fact that the box will be reduced by approximately 35%, it will be possible to reduce transportation costs, which, of course, is guaranteed to have a positive impact on Apple‘s income, because it will be able to earn even more than now.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro

Apple has decided to abandon the wired EarPods headphones in the package, not only in order to save money but also so that as many people as possible can buy their own AirPods wireless headphones, feeling all their advantages. The 20W charger that comes with the iPhone 12 will also need to be purchased separately, and if purchased separately, it will cost about $ 40 (in the United States, excluding taxes). So it turns out that the companies very much saved on the buyers of future phones.

Such an innovation, without any doubt, is guaranteed to upset very many, because even if someone does not need wired EarPods, the fact of their presence in an emergency is important. It is also important that the power supply is included in the delivery package, because with it you can easily and simply recharge the mobile device in any conditions, doing this without additional costs.

Apple itself has not yet made any official statements on this subject, but given that an extremely reliable source has shared this kind of information, it will almost certainly be so. The presentation of the iPhone 12 will be held in September 2020, when everyone will have the opportunity to purchase this mobile device.

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Source: Apple will launch four different iPhone 12 models on iOS 14 at a low price

Apple iPhone 12: charging removed from the smartphone
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Apple iPhone 12: charging removed from the smartphone
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