September 15, 2021

We all saw the new design, but what’s under the hood?

When Apple CEO Tim Cook seizes Cloche on the scene to present the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR sequel in September, industrial design will not be a big surprise. Before launch, we saw several high-resolution visualizations based on leaked CAD models used in the manufacturing process, revealing the look of the next iPhone, iPhone 11. From the front, the iPhone sees the XS successor, like any other smartphone, starting with the iPhone X, which appeared on the market in November 2017. Behind there is only one change – the expansion of a double chamber to a large square camera body, which can accommodate three separate cameras.

Analyst unveiled Apple's new iPhone 11 feature

Those who have kept Sir Johnny Ive – or his successor – now that he is packing his desk – with bated breath to create a beautiful new industrial design, maybe a little disappointed with this new iteration of the best-selling iPhone series.

However, the almost unchanged appearance of the iPhone 11 does not mean that the smartphone is warming up. According to the new report from Apple-centered 9To5Mac, the phone will be implemented a number of improvements and new technologies, including the new Taptic Engine.

Apple introduced its first-generation Taptic Engine with the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus to allow a slight touch from inside the phone when the 3D touch system is activated.

It was used to distinguish the pressure exerted on the 3D touchscreen display before Apple began using the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus to provide more tactile feedback for its iOS operating system.

The new iPhone 11 will be the most boring and ugly in history

With the release of 3D Touch for iPhone 11, the new Taptic Engine, codenamed “Shifting Touch,” is likely to introduce its replacement for Haptic Touch.

Apple is expected to support the same permissions as the existing iPhone XS and XS Max, with new models that can replace existing models in the product line – just like the iPhone XS with the iPhone X, which is no longer in Apple stores.

In addition to the new Taptic Engine, Apple will introduce on its chip the A13 system, which is significantly faster than the previous silicon. According to sources who speak with 9To5Mac, the front camera of the iPhone 11 series has been upgraded to make slow video recordings for the first time at 120 frames per second.

It is expected that the successor to the cheaper iPhone XR will come with new color options that the current generation does not have.

Apple iPhone 11 shocked all buyers

When we stock the Apple stick with a regular launch window, we’ll find out exactly what the Cupertino company was doing during the media event in early September. As always, it’s worth taking the above reports with a healthy pinch of salt, since nothing is official until CEO Tim Cook releases it from his pocket on stage at Apple Park.

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Apple iPhone 11 may still have some more hidden surprises
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Apple iPhone 11 may still have some more hidden surprises
The new Apple iPhone 11 may still have some more hidden surprises. We all saw the new iPhone 11 design, but what's under the hood? let's check it out.
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