October 2, 2022

Apple previously canceled the March presentation, which was supposed to introduce the iPhone 9. It is still unknown when exactly the new devices will be presented. Most likely, this will happen only when the situation with the virus normalizes. For now, we can only guess. At the same time, our colleagues from 9to5mac shared interesting information.

So, the guys managed to find a mention of the iPhone 9 Plus in the source code of iOS 14. Thus, Apple, in addition to the iPhone 9, will also introduce the iPhone 9 Plus, which will make the line attractive not only for lovers of compact phones but also for those who are used to large devices.

Affordable Apple iPhone SE 2 (2020) will have a shocking price tag

Why is this step logical for Apple?

Firstly, it is not difficult for a company to take a ready-made case and install a new processor in it. Do not lose the good, as they say. Secondly, many want to get a budget and at the same time a large phone, but at the same time, for example, they may not like the bang of the iPhone XR. In addition, if the XR today is priced at $ 600, then in the case of the iPhone 9 Plus, you can expect a price of $ 500, as the base iPhone 9 will be priced at $ 400.

Thus, the company will be able to occupy all price ranges from mid-budget to the most expensive iPhone 11 Pro Max. The company will be able to meet the needs of the maximum number of people, so the release of the iPhone 9 Plus seems to be a logical and true step.

Currently, iPhone 8 on the official website can be bought for $ 449, and iPhone 8 Plus for $ 549. Everything falls into place.

By the release of the iPhone 12, the cost of XR is likely to drop to $ 500, and it is unlikely that the company will stop producing it because the device has become the best-selling in 2019.

In 2020, Apple's iPhone SE 2 may get the name iPhone 9

Apple IPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus specs

Smartphones will hardly differ from the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. The only difference may be the amount of RAM and internal memory, the Apple A13 processor installed in the iPhone 11, and a new camera. Most likely, the quality of the camera module will be comparable to what we are now seeing in the iPhone 11.

In addition, all gamers choose the iPhone because of the high response speed of the touchpad. Most likely, the iPhone 9 Plus with its responsive screen will be the perfect option for gamers in terms of value for money. In addition, Apple always uses premium materials in the devices.

If we take some Xiaomi for $ 400, there you are unlikely to get high-quality metal and glass without plastic impurities. Apple is still trying to meet its flagship standards, even in the mid-budget segment. Yes, the iPhone 9 and 9 Plus will not receive a face scanner or a scanner under the screen, but why are they needed?

The Haptic Feedback home button with vibration feedback is much more pleasant to use than the braking scanner under the screen, the response speed of which and the accuracy are noticeably lower than in a conventional scanner. A face scanner is just marketing.

Affordable Apple iPhone SE 2 (2020) will have a shocking price tag

iPhone 9 or iPhone XR?

If you have money, feel free to buy XR right now, because in the near future prices for iPhone will rise. If you plan to purchase a new phone in the next 2-3 months, you should, of course, wait for the release of the iPhone 9. it will most likely be worth the same $626 that are now being asked for XR, while the cost of XR may increase to $751.

Many people are interested in the question of choosing between the iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus. It’s hard to say, but most likely I would choose exactly 9 Plus. After all, it’s worth understanding that the amount of content on the Web today is growing.

There is a lot of information, and the small screen of the iPhone 9 will no longer be so comfortable for consuming information. On the other hand, if you just need a compact and good smartphone, there will probably be no point in overpaying for the iPhone 9 Plus. It all comes down to how active you plan to use the device.

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Apple may introduce iPhone 9 Plus along with iPhone 9
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Apple may introduce iPhone 9 Plus along with iPhone 9
The giant company Apple may introduce iPhone 9 Plus along with iPhone 9. So, the guys managed to find a mention of the smartphone in iOS 14 source code.
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