September 18, 2020

Already in the first half of August, that is, next month, Google will officially launch the Android 10 Q operating system, which is currently being actively tested. This platform will bring the “green robot” to a new level, because owners of smartphones and tablets will be able to use a dark theme, and this, beyond any doubt, will please many, because this not only reduces eye strain in the evening and night time but also increases the autonomy of electronics equipped with OLED-screen. However, the new platform of the “search giant” is fading against the background of the future Android 11 R, which “minutes” was “merged” into the network a few minutes ago.

Android 11 R "Operating System" Shocked Everyone

On YouTube video hosting, a video appeared that sheds light on what all users will be able to please with such an operating system as Android 11 R. or difficulties and exceptions. As one would expect, many innovations will not receive a fresh OS from Google, because it will improve the capabilities that already exist in the platform.

So, in particular, users are waiting for a symbiosis of widgets and a search engine, which will once again make all kinds of widgets in demand, as they were more than five years ago.

Otherwise, radical innovations are waiting for the lock screen, which in the case of Android 11 R will become much more functional. Users will be able to display icons of the most necessary functions and features on it, thanks to which, directly from the lock screen, it will be possible, for example, to start a calculator, turn on a flashlight, activate a voice recorder, or do something else.

Android 11 R "Operating System" Shocked Everyone

In addition, right out of the box, an application called Gmessage, which is a replacement for the usual messages, will be built into this platform. This will be a kind of iMessage on the iPhone, which users of mobile devices based on OS from Google have not yet acquired.

In addition to all this, the new operating system will receive an enhanced protection system, support for seamless updates for third-party companies, a redesigned appearance of standard applications and icons, as well as reliable protection of information inside the phone from hacking, when third parties have access to the smartphone.

All these innovations will definitely please the users, but the release of Android 11 R is still waiting and waiting, because, in the final stable form, this operating system will be available only on August 2020, and possibly later.

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Android 11 R "Operating System" Shocked Everyone
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Android 11 R "Operating System" Shocked Everyone
Next month, Google will officially launch the Android 10 Q operating system. Recently, OS Android 11 R concept published on the network with advanced featres and characteristics.
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Target YouTube
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