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Welcome to Target YouTube, My name is “Muhammad Shahbaz Ali” and I’m glad to see you on my blog. Creating a project TargetYouTube.Com I pursued the goal to give the opportunity to watch all of my “Science and Knowledge YouTube Channel” Videos on this blog for free, direct links and without the need to create an account with us.

Target YouTube in the project lies a unique model of co-creation, which allows people to gather and structure information, selecting from it the most useful and valuable. Using built into project ideas, users independently of each other confer rights or limiting the possibility of giving each other.

Target YouTube will be interesting to people for whom the science, technology and technology play an important role in life.

Project mission is to help the diffusion of technology and knowledge about smartphones, science and technology involving an army of geeks new people.

I am often at work, have to deal with different video production ideas and I will definitely do reviews of the most interesting of them might even record a video. Subscribe to my “Science and Knowledge YouTube Channel” and learn about all the updates first.

Also your comments are valuable for us.

Thanks again for visiting my blog

Muhammad Shahbaz Ali


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