November 24, 2022

Last year’s Google Pixel 5 was arguably the brightest smartphone of 2020. Although he did not show anything outstanding in performance or design, he was able to combine sufficient characteristics and a low price, which laid a new trend in the development of flagship devices. Today, we are discussing Google Pixel 6 in detail.

The creators of this smartphone did not want to cross out the legacy of previous models and the device still turned out to be very cool, but for reasonable money. The Google Pixel 6 due out this year might surprise us a lot too. Despite the fact that there are still about six months left until its appearance, I decided now to formulate what I think about this device and what will make me respect the series even more.

Google Pixel 6 (2021) New Leaks 'Confirmed' Massive Updates


  1. The best camera on the phone
  2. Google Pixel 6 performance
  3. Smartphone with triple camera
  4. Smartphone with fast charging
  5. Fingerprint scanner in a smartphone
  6. Will Google Pixel 6 XL or Ultra come out

The best camera on the phone

Many have heard about the camera quality of Google smartphones. Some even know them personally. In the era of computational photography, the company was able to make its shots much better than the competition, even with its relatively modest specifications. When some brands made two, three, or more cameras in their new products, Google had just switched to the second module. But the Pixel didn’t make it any worse.

Google has been using the same 12.2MP IMX363 sensor as its primary camera since the Pixel 3 series. The Pixel 5, released last year, shows us that Google has essentially squeezed the best it can out of this sensor. And this suggests that something needs to be changed.

The former head of Pixel’s cameras, Marc Levoy has never been a proponent of drastic resolution increases. And whether it is necessary is also a question. For example, I am against the race for megapixels only from a marketing point of view. But sensors such as the 50-megapixel Samsung Isocell GN2 not only have a higher resolution, but also a larger sensor than its predecessor, the Google Pixel 5. I think you understand what I’m getting at.

Google Pixel 6 (2021) New Leaks 'Confirmed' Massive Updates

A large sensor is also needed in order to shoot video in 8K. On the other hand, 4K 120fps is more interesting than 8K 30fps. But this does not mean that nothing needs to be improved.

Google Pixel 6 performance

The Pixel 5 had a Snapdragon 765G chipset. Even if it turned out to be one of the discoveries of last year, it still did not reach Snapdragon 865. This was an acceptable compromise as it provided good overall performance without raising the price. However, advanced 3D games, emulators, and some camera tasks can be a problem for this chipset. For this reason, it would be nice to increase the performance of the Pixel 6. At least in a separate version.

Many will say that even now, the Snapdragon 765G’s performance is sufficient for almost all games. This is true, but the stock is very small, and after a year new games may no longer provide the proper frame rate. Although this wish is relevant mainly for gamers, the installation of Snapdragon 870 in the Google Pixel 6 will still not be superfluous.

Smartphone with triple camera

The Pixel 4 series introduced an optional rear camera for the first time in the Pixel lineup. A 2x telephoto lens gives good results over long distances. Then Google decided to replace the telephoto lens with an ultra-wide-angle camera on the Pixel 5, which in real life is a better solution.

Google Pixel 6 (2021) New Leaks 'Confirmed' Massive Updates

But why does it have to be one or the other? Almost all manufacturers offer at least one triple-camera flagship phone. The question is not even that they shoot better this way. You can just get a more functional device. I’m sure Google was thinking this way. Now it’s time to turn these “thoughts” into a finished product.

Smartphone with fast charging

Google has put a 4080mAh battery in the Pixel 5. This is a huge improvement over the regular Pixel 4 (2800mAh). Even against the background of the Pixel 4 XL (3700 mAh), the figure looks very impressive. Despite the much larger battery, Google has kept the same charging speed of 18W for the Pixel 5. By today’s standards, this is already quite a bit.

Even a small increase in charging speed to 25W or 30W will be a significant improvement over the current value. I think that the company understands this very well and will nevertheless take a small step towards modernity.

Fingerprint scanner in a smartphone

For many, one of the nicest surprises about the Pixel 5 is that Google has ditched face unlock sensors in favor of a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. The change allows users to easily unlock their masked phones during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although I am a fan of face unlocking, there is no prospect that the pandemic will end very quickly and the use of masks will be the norm for some time to come. Therefore, the application of a fingerprint scanner will be very useful. In turn, the scanner on the case is still much more productive than the subscreen one, so it is better to use it.

Google Pixel 6 (2021) New Leaks 'Confirmed' Massive Updates

Will Google Pixel 6 XL or Ultra come out

And here, as they say, it’s really interesting. Some very dubious rumors about the Pixel Ultra reached us a few years ago, but they still haven’t gone away. Now is the time for the company to join the premium segment. But not by one main model, as it was before, but within a separate series. An example is Samsung, with its relatively low Galaxy S21, using the experience I recently shared, and the steepest S21 Ultra.

But just making an expensive smartphone with an advanced processor and camera is one thing, making it interesting is quite another. It is necessary to make sure that the buyer chooses it, and not iPhone, Samsung, or Xiaomi. This is where you really need to work and think about how to make such a smartphone.

While we can say one thing – you can fantasize for a long time. I am sure that smart people at Google have considered even such options that you and I cannot even imagine, but which of them “will go into the series” depends on many factors. Including whether we are really willing to pay for it. Agree that many of our “Wishlist” is limited to a simple desire to look at it, but in reality, we are not ready to pay for it.

Google has another six months to find a solution and implement it. In the meantime, we will wait and see what other market players will offer us. Also, do not forget about the Google Pixel 5a, which is scheduled for release this summer. It will be interesting too.

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6 things I want to see on the Google Pixel 6. I'm sure you'll support me
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6 things I want to see on the Google Pixel 6. I'm sure you'll support me
We are discussing Google Pixel 6 in detail. 6 things I want to see on the Google Pixel 6 flagship smartphone of 2021. I'm sure you'll support
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