December 1, 2022

The tenth “Galaxy” is a great smartphone. But, as you know, there is no limit to perfection. For those who want to touch something more, they invented a version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 + Ceramic.

She received a more advanced stuffing and a very impressive body. Perhaps steeper only mountains.

5 COOL Features of Samsung Galaxy S10 + Ceramic

Great Appearance

The design and the “usual” Samsung Galaxy S10 + is very good: immersive screen covers almost the entire front panel of the smartphone, bending around even the camera. But the limited version has a significant difference.

On the back side instead of glass – stylish ceramics. The colors are also different: black and white are chosen as an alternative to gradient tints and bright colors. The emphasis is on restrained elegance, it looks great.

5 COOL Features of Samsung Galaxy S10 + Ceramic

Ceramic coating can not only please the eye and give new tactile sensations. He has a significant advantage over traditional glass. Ceramics is much more resistant to minor damage, so scratching the back cover of the Samsung Galaxy S10 + Ceramic will not be easy.

1TB Memory

Taking a whole movie library with you on a business trip, bringing a lot of photos and videos from vacation is easy. The limited version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Ceramic features a larger storage capacity.

5 COOL Features of Samsung Galaxy S10 + Ceramic

The figure is impressive – as much as 1 TB of internal memory. It can save about 516 full-length movies with a resolution of Full HD or 256,000 tracks. Or the whole “Game of Thrones” about fifteen times, and in HD-quality.

And if you measure the volume of the drive in the photos, you get 500,000 shots – an impressive amount.

In addition, you can install a memory card up to 512 GB, then the total amount of memory will be as much as one and a half terabytes. Not everyone will be able to “score” so much space on a smartphone for several years.

Advanced Camera

This item is valid for the standard Samsung Galaxy S10 +. The camera is truly good: the gadget received five lenses at once – three main, two frontal ones.

Of particular interest is the wide-angle module, which allows you to take panoramic photos with a viewing angle of 123 °.

And to approximate distant objects, you can use a double optical zoom. Artificial intelligence helps to optimize images by selecting the camera settings based on the analysis of more than 100 million photos.

Another interesting feature is the double aperture. In f / 2.4 mode, shots are sharp and sharp when shooting in bright light.

5 COOL Features of Samsung Galaxy S10 + Ceramic

A mode f / 1.5 is suitable for obtaining high-quality photos with a lack of lighting. The combination of several cameras with different focal lengths and AI-functions makes the Samsung Galaxy S10 + Ceramic a good replacement for the usual digital soap dish.

Special mention deserves video. The smartphone is able to write high-quality videos in 4K-resolution, and the simultaneous operation of electronic and optical stabilization makes the video smooth and spectacular as if using Steadicam.

RAM More Than A PC

6 GB of RAM in the smartphone is no longer surprised by sophisticated users. 8 GB is less common, but there are plenty of such devices on the market too. The Samsung Galaxy S10 + Ceramic has got as much as 12 GB of RAM.

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With this indicator, you can forget about the need to change the device for several years. Memory is enough anyway: even if you keep a bunch of tabs open in your browser and constantly switch between running applications, your smartphone will easily cope with it.

5 COOL Features of Samsung Galaxy S10 + Ceramic

The owners of the Samsung Galaxy S10 + Ceramic will have no reason to doubt the speed and power reserve of their device.

Reverse Wireless PowerShare Charging

Another feature characteristic of other models of the Galaxy S10 + line. The PowerShare feature allows you to charge other devices using your smartphone.

At any time, it will be possible to share energy with a colleague who left the adapter at home. It is even more convenient to use charging to feed wearable accessories.

5 COOL Features of Samsung Galaxy S10 + Ceramic

For example, Galaxy Buds wireless headphones or Watch Active smartwatches. It is enough to lean against the back of the Samsung Galaxy S10 + Ceramic gadget with Qi support, and its battery will begin to replenish.

A convenient and beautiful solution in its simplicity.

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