September 29, 2022

Motorola Razr folding smartphone tested for survival in dust and pressure

Do you want to know how your folding Motorola Razr smartphone will look after several years of operation? Blogger Zack Nelson from JerryRigEverything’s YouTube channel conducted a series of tests to test Motorola Razr for survival under harsh conditions, including exposure to debris and dust on the OLED screen and hinge.

Despite the advertised “hinge with zero clearance”, we see that this particular smartphone has an impressive gap between the hinge and the screen that appears when the device is bent. And this can not but worry because of the risk of dust particles.

2020 Motorola Moto Razr: folding smartphones durability test [VIDEO]

JerryRig standard tests show that the plastic screen is quite easily scratched, even with nails. The smartphone case is also prone to scratches, as are the individual components.

The most impressive was the Motorola Razr dust resistance test. After the blogger removed it by blowing with compressed air, the smartphone continued to work, although some particles got under the screen and in the hinge. Because of this, a characteristic creak appeared when bending the smartphone.

Also, a bulge appeared on the screen due to particles falling into the gap between the hinge and the housing. And although Motorola claims that the irregularities and swelling on the screen – “this is normal”, their appearance does not cause great joy.

Then the blogger continued the traditional “torture” of the smartphone, checking it for resistance to fire, pressure, and kink. These are clearly extreme tests, and you will not necessarily encounter similar problems if you are careful. However, it serves as a reminder that foldable phones are still fragile.

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2020 Motorola Moto Razr: folding smartphones durability test [VIDEO]
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2020 Motorola Moto Razr: folding smartphones durability test [VIDEO]
Video: In 2020 Motorola Moto Razr: folding smartphones durability test. Motorola Razr folding smartphone tested for survival in dust and pressure?
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